What are the benefits of confection with plastic bottles?


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What are the benefits of confection with plastic bottles? 1. Save costs, the cost of the plastic bottle is equivalent to other packaging, it is a good price, which is higher than the plastic bag, which is resistant to the glass bottle, is cheap, light, candy itself is a cost-not high product, if adopted The glass bottle is packaged, then this candy has the corresponding value to use a fine glass bottle packaging, but this candy is clearly not a lot, the usual candy has a soft candy and hard candy, the surface of candy is plastic Bag packaging, usually this, then sell a lot of candy packages to others, sell it to some small shops, small shops sell candy to children. 2. Environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly, the need to use the plastic bottle that needs to be made with environmentally friendly materials, what is environmentally friendly material, now popularize some usual plastic materials, PET, PE, this The two materials are the materials used by some plastic bottles, so the toxicity is not large. As some food manufacturers, they will take advantage of the safety. Lifting a common confectionery packing bottle: Image Source: Dongguan Rich Plastic Products Co., Ltd. This plastic bottle is a packaging bottle made of PET material, this bottle is round transparent, cover is a handle Of course, it can also use ordinary swags. The market price of this bottle is just a few dollars, with a capacity of 2500ml. In addition to packaging candy, you can pack other products, such as packing some dry fruits, nuts. .

The last thing to add is that the plastic bottle can also be used for secondary use after running, for example, some creative ornaments, in interest, it can be done, form a plastic bag.

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