What are the wholesale of plastic tank manufacturers suitable for packaging food?


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First introduce some related introduction of the plastic tank, which can the plastic can be used? Applying in the packaging of food, seasonings, toys, stationery and other products, the material of the plastic cans can be divided into PE plastic tanks, PET plastic cans, material different, the scope of the application is different, so look for plastic can manufacturers At first, you must first ask the manufacturers wholesale plastic cans can do you want's plastic tanks. I think most of the plastic can manufacturers can do, because the products of plastic cans have not exceeded the manufacturer in the shape of the manufacturer. The scope, then it is easier to do, usually can be made. A set of molds have thousands of tens of thousands of pieces. If you can't accept this mold fee, you can only use the existing mold bottle type of plastic can manufacturers, let's take a look at the bottle type of the general PET plastic tank. Which. This is the PET transparent plastic can, commonly used in food-class packaging, and is a food grade PET plastic can.

This is the HDEP plastic can, general PE and HDEP plastic tanks, plastic bottles are opaque, which can be applied, and small bottles can be used for packaging and health products. Speaking of health products, I have seen such an article, share it with you: For health care bottles, now with the continuous development of packaging materials, the package style can be selected in the continuous increase in packaging style. Plastic health bottle passes mainly based on PE materials, these PE health product bottles tend to bottle wall, mainly to create a grade of the bottle.

But for the recovery health product bottle, it is ultimately a waste of resources that leads to a large number of resources. There is also a very big disadvantage that the PE health product bottle is in the unconventional, that is It is no longer in line with market development trends. The PET healthcar bottle can solve the product transparency packaging needs.

Good visibility makes consumers to see health care products, close the distance from the product and consumers. In addition, the PET health care bottle is thinner, which is a kind of contribution to health products in packaging costs for health products companies. For a savior of resources, it is a contribution to society. At the same time, PET health care bottles are far better than the PE material in terms of recycling.

In response to the current market trend of health care bottles, PET material health care bottles will continue to replace the PE material health care bottle market in the future. He is always in line with the law of market development, and it is also beneficial for the overall development of society.

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