What are the classification of drug health bottles?


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The plastic bottle of the drug's health products is a liquid medicine and health care pack. It is suitable for sealed packaging bottles. It is widely used in the health care industry. It is a glass bottle of body, which is the body of the glass bottle. Things to the lid of the upper bottle screw. The upper protruding cyclic dental port, the bottle port and the cover of the bag are heat-resistant to the mutage, the upper end of the screw coverage, the jar port corresponding to the annular tooth mouth, tightening. The plastic bottle of health products is a newly unique plastic bottle, and the process of production and processing needs to be carried out, unique process methods and means, and uses convenient express delivery.

The advantages of this utility model are high temperature disinfection, canefficient, sealed, witty, easy to use, and use, liquid medicines and health care products packaging, safe and secure. This kind of plastic bottle is good and characteristic, development and development, and widely used in various fields. Different types of classification methods are separated.

Classification of Main Density: 1 High Density Polyethylene, opaque white powder, granulated milky granules, molecular linear construction, less phenomenon, is a typical crystallization of high concentrations. The performance of the machine is excellent in low density polyethylene, the melting point is a low density polyethylene, about 126 ~ 136 ° C, the extinction temperature low density polyethylene, about - 100 ~ 140 ° C. 2 Low density polyethylene, colorless, semi-transparent particles, molecular long chains, and molecular arrangements.

3 Low-density polyethylene, molecules are generally short chain only, and there is a high-density of high density, and the melting point is a normal low density polyethylene 15 ° C, low temperature performance low density Ethylene is also very good, and environmental resistance is 10 times more common low density polyethylene. In addition, low-voltage polyethylene, 圧 method polyethylene, high pressure polyethylene, polyethylene, production method of polyethylene, and polyethylene (fluidity) are also different. Different molecular weight, low molecular weight polyethylene, general molecular weight polyethylene and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene can be divided.

The plastic bottle of health products, play an important role in various fields and industries, and the use of medical products and health care products has increased, the use requirements and demand increase, in order to make the manufacturer of plastic bottles Technical production and processing is carried out to ensure the PET bottle of health products is a good guarantee. Quality assurance and advantage performance, its sustainable development is growing. Huizhou Kepeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. [0752 -3737979], the 14th year of plastic container manufacturer, professional H quantum bottle, PP, PET bottle, PS bottle, propylene, plastic bottle cover, health products, food, cosmetics And the pharmaceutical packaging is widely used. A lot of detailed Huizhou Coopeng's official website: www.hzkepeng.com.

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