Perfume bottle "fragrance" floating collected collection standard


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   The perfume bottle is not eye on the Tibetan world, but the value of investment is not low. In foreign countries, perfume bottles have been created in the auction field and attract a lot of investors' attention. Such as a bottle of 1870 Guerlain perfume bottle, shooting 45,600 euros in a auction in France in recent years, perfume has become a trendy consumer product of domestic fashion family, and a large number of well-known perfume brands also have a huge consumption group The Chinese market has made the past, the perfume of the past, opened the veil.

   Of course, as an important part of cosmetics, in addition to the tempting aroma, the fragrance is more bright to attract consumer eye. Any vendor will pour a great effort to storing perfume - perfume bottles, which is undoubtedly the main selling point of perfume sales. Exquisiteness should be said that perfume is an ornament.

   Although there is a traditional perfume in our ancient my country, but there is no real in the perfume industry until the 19th century, along with a large number of Westerners, the perfume gradually enters the vision of the Chinese people, but also makes a lot of time. I realized the cultural heritage and exoticity of perfume. By the 1930s, perfume was officially popped in China; in the 1990s, perfume has increased significantly in China, and is becoming the main force of the cosmetics market.   The continuous spread of perfume also makes people see a delicate perfume bottle, because this is in line with the law of "good horse with a good saddle".

The international collection of fragrant bottles has become an important collection of collections, and many people have systematic investment in perfume bottles. Such as a bottle of 1870 Guerlae average bottle, in the previous year, I took 45600 euros on a auction in France. It was 1 time higher than the previous valuation, refreshed the auction price record of perfume bottles; and 1931 ivory Chanel The perfume bottle, the transaction price is also up to 1300 euros.   In the domestic collection world, the perfume bottle is classified into miscellaneous.

With the continuous spread of perfume and popular, the value of the perfume bottle is being paid attention to by more and more players.   The potential infinity perfume bottle is not eye in the Tibetan world, but the value of investment is not low. In foreign countries, perfume bottles have been created in the auction field, and also attracting many investors.

For example, Cherth, England, a total of 150 pieces of perfume bottles in 1750, which were all reserved, and became the focus of competition on the auction. Especially 1750 - In 1760, the price of perfume bottles was amazing. From 1920 to 1994, the price raised 120 times, in recent years, its prices continue to rise with an average 10% speed, become a steady in perfume bottles. Investment goals.   In China, the collection market of perfume bottles is very small, and many of the prices of many early varieties are very low, especially in the early 19th to 20th centuries, the perfume bottles have not been learned so far, so that foreign collectors to China, and earn The big difference, so the situation is really a wrist.

However, from another perspective, it also explains that the domestic perfume bottle has a great potential, which undoubtedly gave the opportunity for collectors and investors' low cost entry, and their investment potential is naturally imaginable.

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