10 liter plastic bottle performance detection method


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

     10 liters of plastic bottles are relatively large, which can be called plastic buckets, and this capacity packaging bottle is relatively large, so the performance of such packaging bottles must meet the corresponding testing. Standard, reach a certain performance indicator to ensure its good performance. Here is to introduce you to the performance detection method of 10 liters of plastic bottles.     1. Hardness performance test: First, it is necessary to place a plastic bottle in a temperature environment of zero-lowering 18 degrees Celsius, and then use a diameter of 65 mm, weight of 5 kg of iron pillar in a distance from plastic buckets. Continuously press the plastic bucket three times, the barrel does not appear bright or deformable, indicating that its hardness performance is good.

     2, anti-corrosion performance test: When the plastic bottle is carried out, it is necessary to place it in chemicals with corrosive chemicals, and the plastic bottle is placed in a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius at a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius. If there is no crack, bubbles and deformation, its anti-corrosion performance is good.     3, high temperature resistance test: Place the plastic bottle in a high temperature environment, continuously placed for three days, requiring the temperature of the temperature to be between 90-95, cooling after three days, if the surface of the plastic bottle does not break and deformed The situation indicates that its high temperature resistance is good.     4, UV performance test: Plastic bottles in the process of production, the anti-UV capabilities contained in the raw materials used are greatly related to the hardness of the plastic bottle.

Its hardness performance is compiled, then its anti-UV performance is naturally nothing.     5, anti-aging performance test: After the plastic bottle is manually aging treatment, the change rate of the impact strength of the impact should not exceed 40%. In the process of production, by injection of anti-aging materials, 10 liters of plastic bottles can not be faded and aging within 8 years.

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