Analysis of Advantages of Cosmetics Plastic Bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Today, the development trend of cosmetics plastic bottles is getting better and better. A good cosmetics plastic bottle is often more reflecting the contents of the product. Today, beautiful fruit plastics will take advantage of the advantages of cosmetics plastic bottles. What? Plastics are polymer synthetic materials, and the advantages are: (1) Good mechanical properties, light weight, convenient storage, easy to carry, (2) blotting, good sealing, transparency; (3) processing Good performance, can be made into a variety of specifications of the size of the bottle, cover, film, bag, and composite packaging materials; (4) decorative coloring and printing performance is good. Drug logo, manual, tag, barcode can be directly ink jet or printed on plastic material, and will not fall off; (5) has good chemical stability, weak toxicity, hygienic and safe. The lid of the drug can be made into a safe cover or a pressure cover, as well as anti-counterfeiting logo, and the like.

The disadvantage of the plastic packaging container is that it is easy to bring static electricity, and the surface is easy to pollute, and the discard will cause environmental pollution, and the recovery treatment is more difficult. Beautiful fruit plastic, focusing on the development of plastic packaging bottles, using the plastic packaging bottle produced by green environmental protection technology, with environmental health, high impact strength, not broken, light, multi-change, strong shape, strong use! If you are interested in the product of beautiful fruit plastic, please contact the website online customer service, or call the hotline: + 86-15916785363, we will be happy to serve you.

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