Plastic bottle mold polishing process processing step reproduction


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     The main purpose of the plastic bottle mold for polishing process is to obtain a good appearance, improve its formation performance. Polishing the plastic mold is required to determine the surface condition after the mold processing. To determine the process equipment required for polishing to do a good job in preparation.

The following small series will give the users to tell the step guidance for polishing the plastic bottle mold. First, rough polishing: First, after the process of milling, electric spark and mill, the mold surface can be selected from the surface of the mold. The rough defects of the mold surface are typically used in diameter to remove rough defects in the surface of the mold, and then manual oil polishing process.

That is to use oil stone to grind, grind the plastic mold surface more smooth. In order to save time, manufacturers will choose to use # 400 to perform grinding. Second, the semi-precision polishing: This link is mainly sandpaper and kerosene.

The sandpaper is a good polishing tool that can be grinded more smoothly in the surface of the mold. In addition, kerosene is a lubrication effect to reduce the wear of sandpaper. In addition, it is also necessary to pay particular attention to whether the pre-hard steel parts are suitable for use in sandpaper, so as not to cause the surface burns of the pre-hard steel.

three. Through the refined polishing: The main tools used in this link are diamond grinding creams. Here we need to pay attention to the refining steps, it is quite high for the requirements of the polishing site.

If it is a polishing treatment of more than 1 micron, there is a relatively clean indoor environment. And if you want to make more precise polishing, you must have an absolutely clean and clean venue. Surfaces of plastic bottles molded through high precision polishing treatment due to dust and smoke can be destroyed.

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