Brief Analysis of PET Bottle Bottle Embryo Transfer Scheme


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   PET (polyester) beverage bottle has only been more than ten years in China, and the hot filling PET beverage bottle is shorter in China. It is only about 6 years, but the development of the momentum is more than most other. Packaging container. It is well known that tea beverages, juice beverages, etc. are the focus of beverage development. Most of them use PET thermal filming bottles, and the proportion has a growing trend. The general production process of the PET beverage bottle is: injection into a bottle embryos, a heating, the flaps have been longitudinally stretched by a transverse stretching.

If the final formation in this production process is mechanically cooled, the PET bottle is in use, once the temperature reaches around the PET glass transition (78 ° C), its molecular chain will relax, the bottle produces serious shrinkage, so this The bottle is only suitable for cold filling beverages. In the stretching process of the above process, the bottle is always at a higher temperature (about 140 ° C), and the PET molecular chain is highly constituted in a relaxed state, and finally the bottle has a large number of neat and intensive knots. The degree of gauge can reach 30% to 45%, which causes the bottle to produce high heat resistance and becomes a hot feeding bottle with practical significance.   Initially, consumers just pay attention to the quality of the beverage itself, and now gradually begins to pay attention to the outer packaging of the beverage.

The quality of the PET bottle depends on the quality of the bottle embryos supplied. It is divided into two types when the bottle embryo is injection molded. One is a long glue, and the other is a short glue. Domestic bottle embryo manufacturers use short glue mouthpot embryos, while more than the export of long rubber ports. The bottle embryo of the long rubber is cut down due to the bottom of the glue, which makes the tension evenly in the blowing process, so the quality of the bottle will be better, and the other cuts can be recycled, which is conducive to saving raw material costs, Today, in today's growing, domestic manufacturers will more inclined to long rubber ports.

The control of the quality of the bottle embryo during the production process depends on the degree of control of the scratched by the bottle embryo during the conveying process. Most of the domestic manufacturers are delivered to the bottle fuse transport, which is a method of comparing an ancient delivery process. The disadvantage of this conveying is as follows:   When the bottle embryo is in the injection molding machine, the temperature is at 45 ° C to 55 ° C.

Directly falling on the belt to cause the incident between the bottle embryo.   In addition, the bottle embryo is packed in the belt, and it is not very uniform when the bottle embryo is cooled.   When the bottle embryo comes out of the injection molding machine, there may be a problem of quality problems that have a certain cavity, and it is difficult to determine which cavity of the bottle embryos in which a cavity is problematic.

   The injection molding machine can form a cavity in a cavity in an injection molded bottle embryos, which is disrupted without order, if the count is calculated according to the number of injection molds, the count will not be accurate.   Belt conveying, the quality control of the bottle embryos is done by manuality, first of all, it is difficult to control, followed by people who have exposed to contamination.   Now Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, is widely used to transport the bottle embryo.

The production process is as follows:   Bottle embryo shaping machine with a robot takes out all the rubber port machine, a tuft, a bottle, a bottle, a knot, a numerical box device; this kind of delivery is as follows: 1, robot from injection molding Remove the bottle embryo in the machine, and each bottle embryo has a number. The bottle embryo is taken out by robot, not directly falling, avoiding scratches. Since the position of each bottle embryo has numbered, when the injection molding machine has a problem, it can be accurately identified which a cavity has problems.

2. Clean the bottle embryo by caught the bottle embryo by the plate chain to transport the bottle embryo to a certain order in order. This makes the bottle embryo cool uniform, easy to count, and count the count error of each 10% in ± 5. ; 3, the entire production line is automated, with fewer number of people.

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