How is the long hair girl? Where is the PET plastic bottle?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

How is the long hair girl? Where is the PET plastic bottle? On July 2, 2017, Zhengzhou Erqi Road, a tall, long hair fluttering suspected young girl picking up PET plastic bottles along the street, and was concerned with many netizens, and their life is a mystery. Dreaming street, long hair fluttering, 窈窕 body, 铿 少 少 girl, portable plastic bag, picking up the PET beverage bottle along the street, netizens hopes that the family will see the report and take home for treatment and psychological guidance, live up normal people life . After the ringwood worker, this girl came up every day in Erqi Road, and in the trash can pick PET beverage bottle.

Talking to her, she didn't see it, she won't answer, on the afternoon of July 2, the photographer once again saw her at the Erqi Road and Xicang Road David. She still has a black plastic bag in the human flow, "If the family and friends see, she should take her home, after all, a girl is wandering on the street, very unsafe. I hope that netizens are rationally, don't express unclear The speech hurts her.

"Ms. waiting for the bus said. Beautiful fruit pet plastic bottle Xiaobian hopes that she will find her home soon, have a good life, one is difficult, eight-party support, bring the news to her family !!! Website:

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