What is the meaning of the number under the plastic bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Represents 1 PET (polyvinyl acid B2 alcohol ester): This material is used in general mineral water, carbonated drinks, and functional beverage bottles. Heat resistance is easy to deform at 70 ° C, and 10 months will release carcinogens. High temperature weather, please do not put the mineral water in the open air and car.

2 Representative Hare (High Density Polyethylene): A lot of bottles of containers that are cleaning their products. Although it is relatively high, it is easy to breed because it is difficult to clean. Three represents PVC (Poly Salt Chun): The toxic and hazardous substances produced by plastic products of this material come from two aspects, 1 is a mono molecular molecular molecularl ethylene, 2 is harmful in the production. .

These two substances are easily solved at high temperatures and oil, and the poisons are easily cancer as foods enter the human body. 4 represents L Quantum (Low Density Polyethylene): The fresh film in the market, plastic film, etc. can be used most, and the heat resistance is not strong. The qualified PE plastic film occurs when the temperature exceeds 110 ° C, which can be heated with fresh membranes to heat the food, and the fat in the food is easily dissolved in a fresh film harmful substance.

Before the food enters the microwave heating, it should be taken. 5 represents PP (polypropylene): The microwave oven uses such a material to endure the difference in high temperature and transparency of 130 ° C. This is the only plastic box that can enter the microwave, pay attention to cleaning, reuse.

A portion of the box is made of 5 PP, but the cover is made of PS (polyethylene) using No. 6, but the transparency of PS is very good, but because it cannot endure high temperatures, it cannot be put into the microwave with the box.

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