What should I do if the plastic bottle manufacturer is always not ideal? Find plastic


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

In the plastic bottle production industry, like other traditional industries, in the demand for plastic bottle manufacturers, product quality compliance is the basic requirements, and there is also one of us to encounter, because the plastic bottle is basically large. Bulk production, whether it is targeted, on time delivery is the embodiment of manufacturers, then how do we choose? Mr. Huizhou Ma has had such an experience. His company is to do toys. Before there is a bubble bottle is used for event gift, Mr. Ma is looking for a manufacturer of bubble bottles for a long time in advance. But after determining the mold, the production foot is postponed for a month. Therefore, the activities of the company have not carried out as scheduled, although the manufacturer has a liquidated damages, but due to the production of bubble bottle manufacturers, they still have a lot of losses, helpless, and Coopeng through the network. Plastic, after communication, Mr. Ma will inspect Koopeng plastic, and learned that Coopeng plastics is engaged in plastic bottles for more than 50 years. It has more than 50 blow molding equipment. It is basically automated production, and immediately reached a strategic cooperation, and later product exchange Peng plastic plastic to produce. Product production is critical, if you are also in plastic bottle manufacturers, please contact Coopeng Plastic.

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