"13th Five-Year" special plan food beverage packaging bottle manufacturers technology research and development


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"13th Five-Year Plan" food and beverage packaging bottle manufacturers technology research and development is to promote my country's food technology innovation and industrialization, recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued "13th Food Science and Technology Innovation Special Plan" (National Section "[2017 ] No. 143, hereinafter referred to as "special plan"). In order to better implement and implement, Meiguo Plastic Company established the Office of the Office of the Office, and held a meeting to discuss the technical research and development and green environmental requirements for food and beverage packaging bottles. About the technical research and development of food and beverage packaging bottle manufacturers, beautiful fruit insists on technological innovation, carrying out the technical experience in 13 years, on the basis of thinking, strive to develop new breakthroughs, develop new food and beverage packaging bottles production technology, strive to be plastic products industry Leader.

In terms of green environmental protection of the food and beverage packaging bottle, the purpose of consumers is based on the purpose of consumers, pay attention to the food safety and personal safety of consumers, and bear the corresponding social responsibility, in the selection, materials and production, beautiful fruit plastic As always, I adhere to the use of five poisonous environmentally friendly materials, the production workshop adhere to the implementation of the 6S system, guarantee that there is no one to do the dry net beautiful fruit plastic products Co., Ltd. 13 years focus on multi-variety, fast training, mass production plastic blowing bottle Manufacturer, executing 1 order, 500 varieties, 3000 2 days delivery, service model for delivery, free proof, personalized custom program service, open mode, injection molding, blow Bottle, printing, hot stamping technology, specializing in food packaging bottles, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic packaging bottles, supporting sprinkles, spray guns, various bottles and wear, engraving, silk screen, bronzing, plating and other services. It is a modern industrial enterprise mainly in modern daily cultivation. Since the establishment of the company, in all walks of life, the development date and new months have been developed, and there is currently a plastic packaging product manufacturer, which is initially enjoys, potential and strength.

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