Clean food plastic bottles must be completely complete!


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    Clean food plastic bottles must be completely complete! In our real life, we will use repetitive methods for many food plastic bottles. However, here to remind everyone to completely clean it. Let's talk about the importance of thorough cleaning food plastic bottles.

At present, plastics of tableware, food containers, tools, and equipment and packaging materials produced in my country mainly include four types of polyethylene, polypropylene, melamine, and polystyrene. Although the polyvinyl chloride material is a container that allows the use of foods to be used within the monomer and purity limit, it also specifies that the auxiliary agent must be produced and prohibited separately. It is not very difficult to identify and identify the identification and identification of various types of plastic buckets.

    Among them, polyethylene and polypropylene are the most used materials in people's lives, but also the most contact. We usually see the plastic bags, plastic buckets are foam types and non-foam types, such as chopsticks and soup spans. Melamine is mainly applied to a plastic cup in imitation ceramic, as well as food dishes, etc., there is not much species.

The polyvinyl chloride is used in the packaging of a comparative and hard food plastic bucket. Because its pattern is very distinct, the color is more gorgeous, so many people are generally welcomed.    In life, we often encounter food plastic bottles that have odor after the food plastic bottles have been installed.

Some food plastic bottles are used to pick up vegetables or food solutions, ingredients, etc. So, what should we solve this problem? We want to do a ventilation in the food plastic bottle, then use water to perform rinse operation, or the effect of washing with grateful or yellow alcohol is better. In this way, after a complete cleaning, we can use it with confidence, this is the performance of our health.

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