Differences in PET and Pete of Plastic Materials?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Best Answer: The plastic bottle will be easily classified and recycled under the plastic bottle. Generally, small plastic bottles are made of polyethylene tereethylene terephthalate, referred to as PET or pete, and material encoding is "01". PET plastic is light, high transparency, impact impact is not easy to break, etc., can also retain carbon dioxide gas, allowing soda to maintain "gas".

Therefore, it is suitable for use as a water and a drink. The PET rubber used as a food vessel is not required to add antioxidants, plasticizers and stabilizers during the production process. Therefore, when the PET vessel reaches the food, the opportunity to migrate into the food is not large.

However, PET itself is harmless, but in the process of manufacturing PET plastic bottles, a trace trioxide may be added as a catalyst (Catalyst), speed up the aggregation process, improve economic benefits, and some catalysts may be combined with polymer. There is a study that this may make release into the water. As for the manufacturer, it can be found in the "PET Plastic Bottle Manufacturer" to find a lot.

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