Tea is different from PET plastic bottle packaging and iron cans, where is the manufacturer wholesale?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Leaves: Tea is different from PET plastic bottle and iron cans, which are characterized by tea packages for tea. As we can see from the material, the price of PET plastic bottles is relatively cheap, and the material of the iron can is relatively expensive, so it can be made according to the actual needs. Now selling things If you don't pass the Internet, then you can only develop in a region, and the current Internet has developed very quickly. When we discover, others have done very good, but good products will never be late. Or as long as the technology and marketing are in place, these are not a problem. About tea Xiao Liu is not very understanding, but about the Internet and packaging Xiao Liu yes, knowing one or two, knowing a little fur, then today we will talk about plastic packaging and iron Influence of can packaging for tea this product.

If we take plastic bottle packaging, then we have to reduce the price of tea, if it is a new company, in order to open the market, this is a very good choice, how to say, cheaper than plastic bottles There is also a plastic bag packaging, many people have to drop the price, some use this way, but go back to us, what is the result we want, if the price falls, then our profit space is Woolen cloth? In combination with the actual situation, people now don't miss the money, tea can be used as gifts to give people, so the packaging is exquisite, but it has to be characteristic, others take this packaging, then I change a packaging The first batch of creative creative is to get the biggest bonus. Stepping into the topic, the iron canned tea is the choice of most people, this is not suspicious, and it is a plastic bag packaging tea. If you pack tea from the plastic bottle to break through the market, then it will be simple, but generally use iron cans. Tea is a more famous tea, so we will wish to see which packages suitable for your product when choosing packaging.

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