What is the material of the plastic bottle of cosmetics?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

1. The material of the plastic bottle is usually PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, Volume, PET, etc. 2, PET material, as an environmental protection material, high distance, quality, inappropriate characteristics, chemical resistance, very transparency, can make pearlescent, colored, magnetic, and transparency. In general, the bottle mouth is 16 people, and four small balls can be used at 18 o'clock, and 24 nut are used, and a water pump head can be used.

3, the propylene material and the syringe are similar to the chemistry. In general, it is not possible to add cream directly. I can't wear liver.

Although it is very thick, the price is quite expensive. 4, usual cosmetic container wall relatively thick cream bottles, cap, bottle plug, seat, water pump head, dust cover molding. PET forming two steps, embryos are formed, and the finished product will be packaged.

Others are a lot of emulsion bottles on the wall of the container, bottle blowing. 5, AS, ABS: The transparency of AS is ABS, and the toughness is very good. 6, orders are generally 3,000 to 10,000, determine the color, usually with the original color of the frosted, white-centered things, or the effect of the bead jade powder, the jar and the cover are the same color, but because the bottle and cover The material is different, and the color shows a difference.

7. Silk printing has ordinary ink and UV ink, UV ink effect is very good, gloss and stereoscopic feeling, first use the confirmation color before production, the silk effect of different materials will be different. 8, gold, hot silver and other processing technology and printing powder, the effect of silver powder, the hard material and smooth surface are burns, burns silver, soft surface printing is not good, easy to peel off, gold and silver gloss You can print the gold printed silver. 9, silk Filiph floral outlet, the effect of the text is black, the background color is transparent, gold, hot silver craft euctillaries, the effect of the text is transparent, the background color is black.

The proportion of words and patterns is small, otherwise there will be no effect. 10, bottle cover, plus cover, cover, inner plug, have a very small number of small spoons or paint, mainly considering its sealing and use of convenience. Koopeng Plastic Focus on fourteen years, information ordering hotline: 0752-3737979 13922888294 (WeChat).

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