What is the nut plastic jar packaging with three squirrels belong to what material?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

As can be seen from the picture, this plastic can is a PET material, which is the benefits of the capacity of about 400ml PET plastic bottle packaging nuts? A: PET plastic bottle packaging nuts have three benefits: 1. Eat causing nuts can be covered in the cover to facilitate the next time, and this will not affect the taste of the nut itself, play a role. 2. Nuts with PET plastic bottles are in line with people's consumption, high practicality, reasonable price, this is the needs of people. 3. Used PET plastic bottles can be used in times, use water, you can pack other things in your home, such as packaging some small stationery, toy things, saving environmental protection.

How does PET plastic bottle wide-mouth aluminum cover packaging? Professional things to give professional people to do, rich in PET plastic bottles have 20 years of experience, geographical advantages, located in Dongguan, Guangdong, high-quality, high professional, high professional, mold, if you use rich The mold can reduce the cost of the company, because the cost of opening a mold is not small, and the rich in the PET industry has 20 years of production and processing experience, self-produced business model, a lot The support of customers, the mold has also accumulated thousands, customers do well-known domestic PET plastic bottles. The sales team also expands to dozens of personnel, so that the problem can be quickly solved, the production cycle is also faster, the machine can provide additional services such as silk screen label, so that customers can reduce customer costs and troubles.

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