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Tianjin disposable sterilized bottle manufacturers provide wholesale price? MGG has advanced disposable plastic bottles, disposable sterilization bottle manufacturing equipment and technology, product quality assurance, price, welcome to order. In fact, Xiaobian believes that the bottle is regular Disinfection is an essential step, such as cleaning the bottle every morning, it is too busy or occasionally forgotten, it doesn't matter. If you want to pay more worry, don't take the "lazy bottle". This bottle has a built-in a dispelled dairy bag, which is not need to disinfect the bottle, just clean the pacifier.

Whether it is pregnant, it is still a mother who already has a baby. When they choose a bottle, the primary thinking is the price, standard size, and material. But it is precisely that this often neglecting the scale, may have the main impact on the health of infant children. Ms. Section of a magazine homework in Beijing showed that her baby was mainly eaten after breasting.

Once she occasionally discovered that the scale of the two bottle was varied. In order to understand this question, she launched a friend with a small baby, asking them to pour the isometric water into a different bottle, investigate the scale of the bottle is common, and the 18 bottle, there are 6 people Same. Between, the at least 5 ml of the at least 5 ml, the maximum phase difference is about 30ml.

Ms. Section is worried, so hungry meal, how can I have no effect on the child's growth? In order to verify the words of the paragraph, for this purpose, we will compare the two bottles of the same volume, different brands, injecting the same amount of water, one scale appears to be 20ml, and the other is 17.5ml. Which of these two bottles is exactly? The difference between the scale is to produce more infants with infants who supply nutrients against milk powder? Wang Dafu, a children's health doctor in Beijing University, is introduced: the bottle on the market is 80ml, 120ml, 160ml, 200ml, 240ml and other capacity, the bottle is marked, which is convenient for Mother's mother to grasp the amount of child. It is conducive to scientific parenting. Because breast milk is lacking, it is necessary to mix the baby who feed or artificially feeding, most of which have replaced dairy such as formula milk powder, etc., this kind of child is mainly relying on milk powder to supply all nutrients, if one is 10ml, pay 4 times a day, 40ml, eat less Or eat more for a long time, the health of the child is obviously suffocating.

Therefore, the scale on the bottle is necessary to measure accurate.

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