What garbage belongs to plastic bottles


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With July 1, 2019, Shanghai officially entered the garbage classification "Mandatory Age", and a smooth classification of garbage sweeping China was in full swing. All places also use new methods such as intelligent hardware and big data technology, home recycling, integral reward, intelligent trash can. China's cities have followed up, and garbage sorting has become a "new fashion".

So what waste, a bottle of plastic bottles, plastic tanks belong to recyclable waste plastic waste. Every year, my country has to consume a lot of plastic products. The abandoned plastic bottle, in the plastic tank, mainly divided into polyester, polyethylene degree, polypropylene three materials, these raw materials only need to be heated by high temperature, and then the plastic container can be re-produced by blow molding, injection molding, etc. Or other plastic products.

The plastic bottle is returned to the returned garbage, saves resources, and protects the environment. Fully recycling can be recycled, turned waste into treasure. Improve the level of garbage resources, is an important way and means for realizing garbage resource.

reduce environmental pollution. We will increase the difficulty of life every day, will increase the difficulty of subsequent processing, causing the garbage treatment effect, resulting in pollution of air, water quality, soil, harming human health, and damage the environment. Do a good job in garbage sorting, effectively reduce environmental pollution, and build green water green hills.

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