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Plastic Bottles Number and Safety Unrelated Square rumors, some plastic bottles are safe, can be used repeatedly, and seeing a plastic bottle repeatedly unsafe, can be identified by the identification of the bottom of the bottle. There are netizens on the Internet, there are a lot of beverage bottles, mineral water bottles and other triangular signs with arrows. There is a number in the triangle. If the number can be recycled in "05" or more, and the more healing is more secure. "General mineral water bottle bottom sign 01; generally tea plastic heat-resistant cup bottom mark 05; milk cleansk bottom mark 02; Friete milk bottle is indicated 02 ..." This post is issued, that is, the netizen is hot, Some people agree that someone doubts their true.

Subsequently, the reporter found some plastic bottles of food, and found there were digital marks at the bottom of some bottles, such as the 550g of the treasure garden, "02". However, the reporter also found that there is no indication at the bottom of a lot of beverage bottles, and the daily C Coca-Cola 450ml beautiful juice drink, like Kang. Dong Jinshi, Vice President of Plastic Association Plastics Renewal Utilization Professional Committee, told reporters that the number of plastic bottles of the bottom triangle is not related to the bottle "safe".

The triangle symbol is a plastic recycling sign. There are 1 to 7 numbers in the triangle, each number represents a different material, and if the article is made of several different materials, it is indicated by the main, basic material of the article. In my country, the plastic product annotation is not mandatory. Some formal brands have recently launched the recycling sign in order to facilitate the recycling of plastic products.

Experts believe that although this marker is mainly for easy recycling, consumers can also know what the plastic products used are made by this identifier, and should use the digital secrets in plastic recycling markers in what environment . Special reminders to see the digital differences, using plastic bottles, many beverage bottles, the bottom of the mineral water bottle has a triangular sign with an arrow, which is marked with numbers, different numbers represent different materials. "01" --- PET (polyethylene terephthalate) mineral water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle is made of this material.

Dong Jinshi pointed out that the beverage bottle cannot be circulated using hot water, which is heat-resistant to 70 ° C, only suitable for warm drink or frozen drinking, high temperature liquid or heating is easily deformed, and has a harmful substance harmful to the human body. Scientists have found that this plastic product has been used in 10 months, which may release carcinogens and have toxic to the human body. Therefore, the beverage bottle is lost, do not use it as a cup, or to make storage containers to print other items.

"02" --- HDPE (high density polyethylene) concurrent cleaning supplies, plastic containers of bathing products Plastic bags can be used to dress food. Cleaning products, bathing products, plastic containers, can be reused after cleaning, but these containers are generally not cleaned, and the original cleaning supplies are residual, become a hotbed of bacteria, and it is not thorough, it is best not to recycle. "03" --- PVC (polyvinyl chloride) According to this, the toxic and hazardous substances whose plastic products of this material come from two aspects, one is that united monolecular chloride, the second is Harmfulness in the plasticizer.

These two substances are easily precipitated when they encounter high temperatures and oil, and the poisons will be prone to cancer after entering the human body with food. At present, the container of this material is relatively small for packaging food. If you are using, don't let it heat.

"04" --- LDPE (low density polyethylene) plastic wrap, plastic film, etc. is all such materials. The heat resistance is not strong. Generally, the qualified PE plastic wrap will have a hot melt in the temperature of more than 110 ° C, and some human body cannot decompose plastic formulations. Also, the food is wrapped with a plastic film to heat it, and the fat in the food is easily dissolved in the wrap the harmful substances.

Therefore, food into the microwave, first remove the cling film wrapped in the package. 05 "--- PP (polypropylene) microwave box is made of this material, which is 130 ° C high temperature and transparency. This is the only plastic box that can be placed in the microwave, which can be reused after being cleaned. Need attention Some microwave oven boxes, the casing is manufactured in PP 05, but the lid is manufactured in PS (polystyrene)), the transparency of PS is good, but does not high temperature, so it cannot be put into the box. Micro-wave oven.

For insurance, the container is removed before the container is placed in the microwave. "06" --- PS (polystyrene) This is a material for manufacturing a bowl with a bubble box and a foaming fast food box. It also heats and resists cold, but cannot be released in the microwave to avoid chemicals due to excessive temperature.

And it cannot be used to dress strong acid (such as a willow orange juice), strong alkaline substance, because it will decompose polystyrene that is not good to human body. Therefore, you must try to avoid packing hot food with fast food boxes. "07" --- PC and other class PCs are a material that is used in large quantities, especially for manufacturing bottle, space cup, etc.

In recent years, the bottle is controversial because of bisphenol A. Experts pointed out that, in theory, as long as the bisphenol A is converted into a plastic structure during the production of PCs, it means that the article is completely no bisphenol A, and it will not be released. However, if a small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into a plastic structure of the PC, it may be released to enter the food or drink.

The bisphenol A remaining in the PC, the higher the temperature, the more the release is more, the faster speed is also. Therefore, it should not be hot water in a PC water bottle. If the container has any falls or damage, it is recommended to stop using because the surface of the plastic product is slightly pitted, and it is easy to hide bacteria.

Avoid repeated use of plastic appliances.

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