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HDPE plastic bottle main HDPE high-density polyethylene is the main raw material, according to the quality standard of the package material, the dose is small, using the injection process production, can be divided into oral liquid medicinal high-density polyethylene bottle and YBB00122002-2015 oral solid medicine High density polyethylene bottles. HDPE English is full of high densityPolyethylene, high-density polyethylene, can also be referred to as low pressure polyethylene. An opaque white wax material, a specific gravity is light, the specific gravity is 0.941 to 0.960, soft and tough, high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin.

High-density polyethylene is a white powder particulate product, non-toxic, tasteless, density within 0.940 ~ 0.976G / cm3; crystallinity is 80% ~ 90%, the softening point is 125 ~ 135 ° C, the temperature is up to 100 ° C; melting temperature 120 ~ 160 ° C, for molecular weight, well chemical stability, under room temperature conditions, insoluble in any organic solvent, acid, alkali, and various salts; film vapor and air Small permeability and low water absorption. The HDPE plastic bottle is mainly characterized by bovine resistance, and has excellent electrical insulation, and there is still a certain toughness. Surface hardness, tensile strength, rigidity and other mechanical strength is higher than LDPE (low density polyethylene), close to PP (polypropylene), better than PP, but surface finish is not as good as PP.

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