What is the price of purchasing a pharmaceutical plastic bottle?


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What is the price of purchasing a pharmaceutical plastic bottle? MGG adheres to the quality of the first, reputation first, customer-friendly business philosophy -15916785363 Modulation and morphological characteristics of plastic bottles: The shape of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is circular, square, elliptical, and the like. The amount of round bottle is large, and it is characterized by uniform wall thickness. The ability to absorb impact energy is high, low production cost, but the effective area utilization rate of storage or transport is very low. The utilization rate stored in a square or rectangular bottle is high, stable, but expansion is more likely to occur.

The size of the plastic bottle is currently not clearly unified, usually based on user needs and drug properties. Ability In addition to the rated capacity of the plastic bottle, there is a complete ability, it is greater than the rated capacity, and some specific demand depends on the diameter of the bottle and the height of the bottle. Small and medium plastic bottles, sequentially from plastic bottles, bottlenecks, bottle shoulders, and analyze their structural characteristics in bottles.

At present, the molding method of plastic bottle equipment is mainly produced has the following types: (1) extrusion blow molding, (2) injection blow molding, (3) pultrusion blow molding, (4) injection blow molding; these four methods production The product structure has different performance. Small pharmaceutical plastic bottles use injection molding equipment pharmaceutical factories, because in the process of injection molding bottle, pay attention to the injection molding equipment of the bottle mouth, thereby ensuring the accuracy bottle, then mechanical configuration by the mandrel The blow molding bottle ensures the accuracy of the shape size of the plastic bottle, and the drug can effectively prevent the bottle from volatilizing and external gas penetration. Since the injection molding machine requires a pair of semi-finished molds, blow molds, the cost of the device is a relatively high extrusion blow mold.

Blowing polyester (PET) is a linear thermoplastic saturated polyester, a feature viscosity (IV) 70 - 80 l / g for blowing grade, is used to make the plastic blow molded bottle size. (1) Cylinder temperature parameters: General cylinder before the Cylcurde temperature 265 ° C to 275 ° C, and the cylinder temperature is from 280 ° C to 290 ° C, and the cylinder temperature 260 ° C to 255 ° C.

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