Risk of reuse of plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

In daily life, some beautiful plastic bottles or harmful plastic bottles will be reused, such as some mineral water bottles and small oil bottles, especially in summer hot weather, some people will choose mineral water bottles, tea, etc. In addition to the beverage bottle, there are also many families like to buy a large barrel of edible oil. It is easy to use it into a small oil bottle. It is considered that the container of the container is the same, there is no problem with the installation, and it is not loaded with hot oil. The plastic bottle can be soften. This is actually a bad habit, using a plastic bottle repeatedly, although there is no heating, but long repeated use will also have a harmful substance. Plastic bottles manufacturers are also purchasing raw materials for production, and the recycled plastic bottles are not recycling to repeat, because plastic bottles have changed during recycling, it is difficult to produce plastic bottles, but also Resolutely not use it as food packaging, otherwise it will be re-revoked by the quality inspection department, so the customers can use it with confidence.

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