What few things should I pay attention to when using a plastic bottle?


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Article Guide: Safety is now the most concerned issue of our people, and Xiaobian will give you a few more to avoid going. 1, beverage bottle, do not circulate hot water; 2. Cleaning does not completely recommend not recycling; Microwave boiled bowl of instant noodles. Koopeng Plastic PET plastic bottle blow molding manufacturers customized using food grade PET material processing blow molding, guarantee the environmental protection, hermeticness, performance of PET plastic bottles, is very good, is pursuing quality and beautiful PET food can Store preferred! Coopeng plastic focuses on more than 14 years of variety, fast-run, mass production plastic blowing, 1 order, 500 varieties, 3000 2 days delivery, 10,000 delivery, free proof, company business Opening, injection molding, blowing bottle, printing, hot stamping station service, saving your company 50% of time, 30% cost, professional production of medicines, chemicals, cosmetic packaging bottles, supporting pump head, spray gun, various bottles cover And matte, engraving, silk screen, bronzing, electroplating, etc.

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