350,000 cans, magic creates a light of 1.2 billion people


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

350,000 drunk Coke bottles, magic created the Guangming of 1.2 billion in a slum in the Philippines, the original dark and full-charged place, 350,000 abandoned plastic bottles magically appeared in the dark street, but there was 12 billion What is the brightness of people, what creates this magical move? Broughted by the Philippine Brother ILLAC Diaz, a liter of light plans to bring light to people in the slum. The method is to use waste plastic plastic bottles, and the principle of sunlight is used to make plastic lamps. It is very simple to make plastic bottle lamps. Just only need plastic bottle + solar light, free plastic bottle, cost 1 US dollar solar light, pick up the tiles on the roof, open a plastic bottle of the hole in the top, will wash the clean plastic bottle In the iron tile, the cola bottle and tiles are firmly fixed using the sealant, and then inject a bottle of water into the plastic bottle and add a certain amount of bleach to the bottle, prevent algae growth, put the solar light bulb into the When a light-consuming lamp, I finally made it, and finally fix this lamp on the roof. It can be used for the room lighting. The whole production process is not more than 5 minutes. The cost is less than 10 yuan, and the grandmother is finally able to stand up with peace of mind. Get up, LITER OF Light's "Plastic Bottle Light" not only successfully solves the problem of slums, but it does not power consumption, more than 350,000 "plastic bottle lights" in environmentally friendly, 15 countries and regions, " Ask for cooperation! Many times we look useless, and even possible to become treasures in others, an opaque plastic bottle can create a new "sun", bringing bright and smiling, Huizhou Meiqi plastic bottle full support Development of plastic bottle lamp! ! ! ! Website: http://www.hzkepeng.com/.

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