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Does this type of plastic bottle have not seen it? The diameter is 12cm high to 12.2cm. The model of this product is set to F-920A. Then this plastic bottle can install those things, you will definitely not think that this product is a set of cosmetics of the daily necessities, there is Creative plastic bottles are always attractive to people's eye, then this except is the shape of the shape, and can do their own desired patterns in the appearance, and customize a special pattern will definitely be loved by people. In addition to being able to install a daily necessities, it is possible to install some toys, such as plasticine and building blocks, and then pack some stationery. If the food can be packaged, but it is recommended to be a solid food. If the liquid is not suitable, you can pack some candy, it is more attractive, and the use of the bottle can be used in times, used to pack what you like, if you throw it Afterwards, the recycling can also be converted into packaging such as plastic bags. Material is PET, capacity is 920ml, you deserve it! .

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