Where is the Beijing model full PET plastic packaging bottle processing enterprise?


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Where is the Beijing model full PET plastic packaging bottle processing enterprise? MGG with high-quality PET plastic packaging bottles, transparent plastic packaging bottles, high-priced high-cost purposes, and we will create customers' trustworthy product users. my country's PET bottle plastic molding The equipment has a large development prospect, and we should see that the gap between PET bottle plastic molding equipment and industrial developed countries should be large. The world's typical PET bottle blank injection molding machine production equipment is the Canadian Huskey PET injection molding machine, which is an internationally recognized leader. Therefore, we should seriously study its performance characteristics, institutional characteristics, performance characteristics, and develop more performance advantages. PET bottle blank injection molding machine. Today, today, domestic PET bottle injection molding equipment, if there is no technical advantage in performance, the equipment developed can only be used as the exhibit, and it cannot be used as a continuous improvement and production of technology, PET blowing bottle The degree of automation automation is getting higher and higher, and production efficiency is getting higher and higher.

The production capacity of equipment is continuously improved, and thousands of bottles produced from the previous hour will now produce tens of thousands of bottles every hour. Operation is also developed by the past manual button to currently control, which greatly reduces the difficulty of process operation, increasing the stability of the process. At present, the manufacturer of injection and blowing equipment mainly has Sidel, Germany, etc. in France.

Although the manufacturer is different, its equipment principle is similar, generally including the supply system, heating system, blowing system, control system, and auxiliary machine. 3.2 Blowing Process Affecting the PET Bottle Blowing Process There is a bottle blank, heating, pre-blow, mold and an environment. 3.2.1 When the bottle is prepared by blow molding bottle, the PET slice is first injected into a flank. It requires the secondary recovery ratio to be too high (5% or less), and the number of recovery cannot exceed two times, and the molecular weight and viscosity cannot be Low (molecular weight 31000-50000, characteristic viscosity 0.78-0.85 cm3 / g).

The injection molded pre-blank is required to be stored above 48 hours. After heating, the bottle billet is not used, and it must be stored in more than 48 hours to re-heate it. The storage time of the bottle blank cannot exceed six months.

The heating of the bottle blank is accomplished by the heating oven, and its temperature is set, automatically adjusted. The oven is sent from the far infrared tube to the bottle blank radiation, and the thermal cycle is performed by the oven bottom fan, so that the temperature in the oven is uniform. The bottle blank moves forward while moving forward, so that the bottle blank wall is uniform.

The arrangement of the lamp is in the oven."Area"Glyph, more than two heads, less in the middle. The heat of the oven is turned around the tube opening, the overall temperature setting, the oven power, and the heating of each segment are co-control. The opening of the lamp should be adjusted in conjunction with the pre-blow bottle.

It is important to make the oven play a better role, its height, cooling plate, etc. is important. If it is adjusted, it is easy to show the blast opening (the bottle mouth is large), the hardware and neck (neck is not open), etc. defect.

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