Where is the super large-scale manufacturer in the production of food packaging plastic bottles?


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The direction of this food plastic bottle has always been in a good state. The open mode of the food plastic bottle is more diverse, and it is easy to operate. The previous food plastic bottle is a simple function, and now some zipper, etc. are used as a switch.

If it is not convenient to tear the package when you are using, you can unite the bag. Moreover, there is also an important progress in mechanical aspects. As the function is constantly increasing, it can provide a dragon service from the package to the package within the shortest time. Food plastic bottles use a layer of special film.

This film is gradually close to the form of a metal sheet and a aluminized film. It provides an opportunity to show, so that people can gradually see this kind of it. This packaging can also be heated in a microwave.

The preferred packaging of new products. After years of development, it must be able to travel in the market. Food plastic bottles have two manufacturing processes, extrusion blow molding and injection molding during the manufacturing process.

Extrusion blow molding is a mold for molding a food plastic bottle during the production process, wherein the mold comprises a male mold and an female mold. Extrusion blow molding is made of mold type blank is made using an extruder head. Injection blow molding is injected into the mold under high pressure, and the food plastic bottle is ejected when opening the mold type cavity.

Extrusion blow molded has a variety of features, let's introduce it. Extrusion blow molding is that the parison is manufactured under low pressure under pressure, and the stress of the food plastic bottle is small, tensile, impact resistant, bending, and the environment of various strain properties, use The property is good. Extrusion blow molding is low, small and medium-sized enterprise has small funds, so you can purchase some extruded blow molding machines to relieve the intensity of funds.

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