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Principles of Oral Liquid Bottles: The organic antibacterial agent is gradually entered into the cells after the surface anion of the microbial cells, or the sulfhydryl group in the cell surface, thereby disrupting the cell membrane and the protein system, and reaches the purpose of suppressing microbial breeding. The oral liquid bottle also adopts a photocatalytic inorganic antibacterial film, the principle of antibacterial properties: the current photocatalytic antibacterial principle is mainly, TiO2 produces a large amount of oxygen free radical and *-based free radical under the surface of the oral liquid bottle under the action of photosynthesis. Their chemical activity is very strong, can be organically decomposed to be a variety of microorganisms, to achieve the purpose of antibacterial, in 1995, the photocatalyst is first applied to the food pack. Now the oral liquid bottle is the most common outer packaging of health products. In recent years, the application of health products industry is increasingly wide, including solid oral liquid bottles, liquid oral liquid bottles, etc. Oral liquid bottles, the crucial point is to clean hygiene, and many aspects of the production process will affect the cleaning and hygiene of oral liquid bottles.

In the production process, it is most important to ensure that the grease of the oral liquid bottle is the most important, and it is also the most close, the flame treatment device, the stainless steel flat chain transmission and the counting device are the main components of the conveyor belt. As long as these places are cleaned and rustic, they can fundamentally solve the rust problem in the conveying process, in order to better faciarize the pollution of health products to achieve health care requirements for health care products. The stainless steel plate linkage is compared with the plastic plate, the exocute after the flame treatment will be smaller, but the flame treatment device is a necessity that must pass through. This program can remove the oil of the oral liquid bottle, which can better make the work of paste labels.

The height of the flame can also be adjusted at will, which can better meet the different oral liquid bottles for temperature requirements. When the health product is delivered, the conveyor belt can be used very well, and the number of oral liquid bottles can be recorded. When we set the number of values, the alarm will illuminate. Compared with traditional artificial technology, the transport belt is used to transport the oral liquid bottle to a greater reduction of pollution to oral liquid bottles, which can better meet the conditions of pharmaceutical packaging.

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