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Where is Tianjin professional manufacturer? MGG supply, wholesale various food plastic packaging buckets, food grade plastic buckets. We offer high quality products, perfect after-sales service. Welcome new and old customers to call, let's talk. With food plastic bottles The development of the development and food packaging industry policy, the market potential of the regenerative food plastic bottle will slowly show, and the competitiveness will become bigger and bigger. As a food packaging company, Zhangzhou MGG will increase the investment of scientific research, promote the upgrading of product structure, to maintain its own competitive advantage, and truly realize social benefits and economic benefits. The food plastic bottle is used as a plastic product container that can be used in food packaging, although it can be used with confidence, but the food plastic bottle has various kinds of differences.

A triangular symbol consisting of three arrows at the bottom of the plastic container, which is equivalent to the identity card of the plastic container. The triangle represents the plastic bottle to recover, there is a number in the middle of the triangle, which represents the main production material of the plastic product, which is not only the labeling of the recycling of plastic products, but also to make people can easily distinguish Material of plastic bottles. The numbers in the triangular in the bottom of the food plastic bottle are different from 1 to 7, which represents different raw materials in each of them.

Number 1 represents PET, mineral water bottles, carbonated food plastic bottles generally use this material, heating is easy to deform, which will dissolve the harmful substance harmful to the human body. Number 2 represents HDPE, which is often used in the production of a bottle, detergent bottle, bathing liquid bottle, etc., and most of the plastic bags used in every day use this material, high temperature, indicating that the plastic bags for food can be placed in food. Number 3 represents PVC, which is often used in the production of raincoats, plastic film, plastic box and other products. If you use this food packaging, don't let it heat.

Digital 4 indicates that LDPE, plastic film, plastic film, etc. are mostly this material. Its product is not strong, so, before putting food into the microwave, be sure to remove the plastic film wrapped above, in order EtOAc. Digital 5 indicates that the special dining box of the PP is made of this material, high temperature resistance, transparency is relatively poor, is a plastic case that can be placed in the microwave. Number 6 represents PS, which is mainly used for manufacturing materials such as bowls, which are both heat and cold resistant, but the ultra high temperature of the microwave oven is unbearable, and it is not possible to use strong acid, strong alkaline substance, will Decompose the material harmful substance.

Digital 7 represents the material of PC and other types, mainly used to make products such as bottles, space cups.

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