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Since the blow mold is only constructed of the female mold, the wall thickness of the bottle body can be changed by simply adjusting the charm head mode gap or extrusion conditions. In addition, the sliding bottom module can be provided on the blow mold, and the design flexibility of the bottom of the bottle is large. Extrusion blow molded shapes are complex, irregular and integrated products, and is more suitable for the hard pharmaceutical plastic bottle of HDPE and PP raw materials.

From the perspective of the shape of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, the shape is circular, and there are squares and elliptical shapes. The circular bottle is large, which is characterized by uniform wall thickness, high improving strength, low production cost, but the utilization rate of effective area during storage or transportation is low. The effective area of ​​the square bottle is high, the stability is good, but the cylindrical expansion deformation is easier.

Medicinal plastic bottle management level: 1. In order to take care of the actual level of many pharmaceutical plastic bottles manufacturing enterprises, there is no connection between quality standards and international levels; medicinal plastic bottle testing methods are relatively backward, some pharmaceutical Enterprise drugs itself has no problem, but placed in a plastic bottle with high density, due to its loss of gas permeability and moisture, resulting in oxidation of the contents, deteriorate, the reason is the lack of detection of plastic bottle density Sexual instrument. Medicinal plastic bottles are not capable of placing a high temperature. So as not to produce unsafe factors that have an impact on your body.

Or use high temperatures to heat, causing medicinal plastic bottles that cannot be used. In addition, it will make the substance in the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, and indirectly can't use the case. Moreover, the medicinal plastic bottle is easy to recycle, and the treatment process can also be assured.

With good compressive performance, anti-extent performance, strong recovery value. Quality will detect national inspection department to achieve production standards. Can make you safe and secure! .

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