How to distinguish between renewable plastic?


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    Regeneration plastic is a use of waste plastics by pretreatment, melt granulation, modification, etc., and re-obtained plastic raw materials, the entire process is the re-use of plastics. However, this regenerative plastic is not used in the production of various plastic products, since it has added a variety of additives, it has a certain harm to the human body. Therefore, you must learn to clear it clearly. Here, you will introduce you to the scientific discrimination method for renewable plastics.

    1. Look at the color: the color is more shallow, even colorless transparency, its utilization is relatively wide, the level is also relatively high. For example, it can also be adjusted in a variety of other colors, and you can do it back to the white product. Due to the needs of the product, various add-added ingredients are added in the raw materials.    2, the content of calcium carbonate: the more Cac03 content, the lower the level, the more the price is low.

From the naked eye, this product is not bright, no shiny, which will feel relatively heavy from the hand, when using the fire, the burn part will be red and out. In addition, pay attention to the enhancement of the product, and the enhanced product that can be utilized has several PA, PBT, PP, and the price is not high. There are still several alloys. At present, there are only ABS + PCs in China, and others can't do.

Based on the density of the raw material, it is determined whether the mutually mixed material can be reused. The current problem is the most problem of ABS and PS mutual mixing, PC and PMMA mutual mixing, PVC flakes and Pel mutual mixing, sheets mutually mix, PE and PP After half mutually mixing these kinds, it is almost the same, it is very difficult due to the density.    3. Look at the renewable plastic is pure and pure: the pureness of the renewable plastic, the higher the level; the material is not pure, the lower the level.    4, compared to waste plastics: waste plastics is directly crushed into powder or granules directly, can distinguish what is material, such as injection molding, brushed, or a film.

Regeneration plastics is the recycling of many times and cannot be accurately identified, and can only be classified according to the number of recycled plastic cycles.

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