Which is an experienced processing PET plastic packaging bottle company in Hebei?


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In Hebei, which has experienced processing PET plastic packaging bottle companies? MGG produced PET plastic packaging bottle, transparent plastic packaging bottle, high quality and low price, guarantee everyone to use, I hope new and old customers will come to negotiate and buy. Regeneration PET Do not contain PVC impurities, otherwise it will affect PET color. When the amount of PVC is less in the conveyor, it can be separated from the conveyor, that is, the PVC and PET plastic bottles produce different different melting points in the force part, and the PET and PVC fragments are equipped with heaters and temperatures. The controlled conveyor belt, the PVC is adhered to the conveyor belt after being melted, which can be separated from the PET. The label on the beverage bottle can be removed after the bottle is broken, and the separation device is combined with a blower and a cyclone separator.

It can also be separated from the pumping tower separation device, the broken PET fragments are added vertically from the top of the separation tower, the fragmentation is formed in a countercurrent, and the specific gravity difference between the PET and the label fragment is divided, the label is pumped, and the PET is from the bottom of the separator. Ensure the label separation efficiency, in production, two sets of separation devices can be used. The washing of PET debris is very important. Washing usually ostead of 80-100 ° C to soften or dissolve the EVA adhesive or other type of adhesive of the bonding label and the base to prevent the adhesive to prevent the depth of the adhesive, and add additives in water, such as堿, emulsifier or other special chemicals.

The cleaning liquid is typically determined by the factory according to the source and bonding characteristics of the waste bottle, and the cleaning liquid can be used to recycle the impurities to recycle, the washing can be carried out in a particularly cleaning tank containing the stirrer. The effect of cleaning, washing can be used to use the secondary washing process. PET fragments typically use centrifugation dehydrate to 2%, and then dry by tape or tubular dryers, minimizing water content to 0.5%. The high-quality PET plastic bottle cycle recreation system, successfully developed by Krones, Germany, with an annual processing capacity of 15,000 tons of PET beverage bottles, and the processed PET feedstock can be directly produced into other PET containers, and the production cost is greatly reduced.

The PET plastic bottle circulating system utilizes chemical coating elimination techniques to burn the chemical coating elimination agent, remove contaminants adhered to the surface of the PET plastic bottle to achieve recycling of any kind of PET plastic bottle. The recirculating product treated by this technology can not only directly mix the formation of the bottle blank, but also the recycled product is low due to the low content of acetaldehyde and the yellow pigment, which can also meet the requirements of pure and quality, especially for products in food and beverage industries. Packaging, cost is 20% -30% lower than usual new materials.

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