PET plastic bottle says that public officials go to work to sleep?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Beautiful fruit pet plastic bottle says that public officials go to work to sleep? On July 5th, the video of "government staff to go to work" was sent to the Internet by netizens and started quickly. It is reported that the video is 9 seconds, and the sleeping person is the public officials of Hebi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the video is taken by the people in the Wisdom Hehe People's Social Security Bureau. In the circulatory video, it can be clearly seen, a blue t-shirt, hanging a chest card in the neck, a man wearing a glasses, back against the chair on the workbench, eyes closed.

In addition to the workbench, it is surrounded by the masses waiting for the do. Beautiful fruit PET plastic bottles are in their position, and they have worked hard. As a public official, in the Human Bureau service window, the representative is the image and quality of public officials of government agencies.

At the peak point of the work, how do you call your big sleep in the window, what is the body, how to wait in line? If you really don't work, please go home to rest, and no law is not Allow public officials to have a holiday. On the contrary, the disease work is also good, and the disease is elongated. You hurt the people 's heart in the spring and autumn dreams. In the event of this incident, the person in charge of the staff was going to work, the person in charge explained that "the employee said that it is because of the cold to make his own department for his own post, then go out to do oral drug spray treatment, come back At the time, it coincides with the office network, and it may be a little sleepy, but things need to be implemented.

"For this kind of thing, beautiful PET plastic bottle, Xiaobian thinks that this is really improper, abandoned the purpose of serving the people, this is nothing more than a negative impact on society !!.

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