Which producers can buy a quality and cost-effective PET plastic packaging bottle in Guizhou?


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Which manufacturer can buy a quality and affordable PET plastic packaging bottle? MGG's PET plastic packaging bottle, transparent plastic packaging bottle excellent price and low price, deeply welcomed by consumers, we will welcome you At the same time, it is rapidly developed in the PET bottle, and the production of bottle-level PET resins in my country has also developed rapidly. According to reports, in 1995, my country's bottle PET resin is 10,000 t, of which is 60,000 T of 6,000 T, and in 2000, my country's bottle PET resin is 520,000 T, and domestic production capacity has reached 500,000 T. In addition to the rapid growth of the amount, there is a great improvement in quality, and the bottle-level PET resin produced by the company, Shanghai Far East, Changzhou Huayuan and other companies has been recognized by Coca-Cola.

The mainstream product of domestic PET bottles, only limited to packaging containers such as cola, mineral water, and distilled water, and the application of its excellent performance and reasonable price, successful application in these beverage packaging On the basis of recent PET bottles in recent years, PET bottles have been expanded in the application of hot bottles of black tea, green tea, juice and edible oil, cosmetics, medicine, pesticides and other industries. According to reports, in 1996, my country's PET bottle was 3 billion. It has risen to 5 billion in 1998. It reached 8 billion in 2000, 2001,9 billion, reached 10 billion in 2002, and 13 billion in 2002, 2004, 2004, becoming Plastic packaging materials grow large. my country's PET bottle plastic molding equipment has a development prospect. At the same time, we should see that the gap between PET bottle plastic molding equipment and industrial developed countries should be large.

The world's typical PET bottle blank injection molding machine production equipment is the Canadian Huskey PET injection molding machine, which is an internationally recognized leader. Therefore, we should seriously study its performance characteristics, institutional characteristics, performance characteristics, and develop more performance advantages. PET bottle blank injection molding machine. Today, today, domestic PET bottles injection molding equipment, if there is no technical advantage in performance, the equipment developed can only be used as the exhibit, and cannot be used.

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