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Can make you safe and secure! The pharmaceutical plastic bottle has high stability, so it does not have to be added any plasticizer or a stabilizer, these plasticizers or stabilizers are substantially toxic. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is easy to transport, has the characteristics of falling, anti-acid, anti-alkali, and is easy to quickly and easy to recover. If it is handled off, it will not produce a toxic substance.

Really safe and convenient, reducing production costs. This product has a wide range of applications and production has passed the national strict standard requirements, and the quality is safe. The common products common from PE PE PE PE materials include plastic film, plastic film, etc.

High temperatures are hazardous substances, and the poison will cause the occurrence of the disease or newborns before entering the human body, remember, the plastic wrap can not be placed in the microwave. The medicinal plastic bottle should ensure the safety of the drug, to improve the sealing of the bottle mouth, to block the humidification effect of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle. The barrier humidification effect is very important, which is due to the sealed manner and the bottle mouth, the cap is decided.

The body of the bottle mouth and the cap allows the external threads of the bottle and the inner threads in the cap, and the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is sealed. The bottle mouth and the bottle cover should first take into account the sealing of the port and bottle mouth in order to better open the pharmaceutical plastic bottle and ensure the quality of its drugs. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is a packaging bottle that cannot be lacking in the pharmaceutical industry. The common pharmaceutical plastic bottle commonly used in Zui has a circular, elliptical, square.

Circular pharmaceutical plastic bottles are simple and have a simple rigidity, but the shape is not beautiful. The appearance of square pharmaceutical plastic bottles can be achieved, but it is not easy to control the wall thickness of the medicinal plastic bottle when molding. If the wall thickness of the square pharmaceutical plastic bottle is uneven, it will affect its stiffness and easy to rupture.

Medicinal plastic bottles If you want to break through the above disadvantages, it is necessary to make good design and control of the production process of pharmaceutical plastic bottles. It has good use performance to make medicinal plastic bottles to show important value in the industry.

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