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In general, the oral liquid bottle itself is to ensure the quality of health products, and some efficacy and no deterioration will not deteriorate within a certain period of time. Usually qualified oral liquid bottles should be: 1. Having good anti-penetration: This characteristic of oral liquid bottles is mainly for ensuring that some volatile substances among the health care products prevent the oral liquid bottle to spread out. If we use some plastic packages or paper packaging to save the health care products, it will affect the stability of the efficacy of the health products in a large extent.

2. Strong light shielding effect: Many health products contain vitamins, and the light shielding of oral liquid bottles is to prevent vitamins from encountering magazine or ultraviolet rays. The common method is to use brown packaging on the oral liquid bottle; you can also add some sunscreens to the packaging of some new oral liquid bottles. 3. Effect of preventing leakage: A case where the volatile ingredients of the health products are prevented from leakage between the cracks of the plastic bottle and the bottle cap or the gap of the oral liquid bottle.

Packing of the anti-penetration effect of the oral liquid bottle: some iconic ingredients or volatile ingredients can be dissolved with the inner side of the packaging material, diffuse and move to the other side with the action of penetrating pressure, and transfer the substance. Therefore, you can ask a certain amount of smell outside the package. Especially some PET or paper-loaded health products. In order to prevent the drug from penetrating, we should reduce its permeability when using oral liquid bottles.

In the current market, more and more kinds of health products, the packaging industry of oral liquid bottles is also constantly developing, updated. In the health care industry, according to the different people, the elderly, middle-aged and young children.

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