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Which medical plastic bottle manufacturer does it make? MGG has a strong professional talent and technical backing, and all the year round for customers a good medicinal plastic bottle, solid pharmaceutical plastic packaging bottle, medical plastic bottle, welcome to inquire. Purchasing phone: + 86-1591678533 Process and methods of pharmaceutical plastic bottles: including extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, calendering, fitting, casting, etc. Medicinal plastic bottle transmit, blow molding, plastic heat and melt, then press into a special blow mold and internal air pressure, pressure, molding, forming the shape of the zui final product, because the shape of the bottle is the external pressure of the shape of the bottle, so the focus In the bottle itself, when the heating temperature reaches a certain degree, the plastic is soften, and the pressure resistance is small, so the bottle will become less and smaller. The medicinal plastic bottles produced and produced in a certain processing feature are processed according to a certain graceful period treatment, and the quality and performance of production and processing are ensured.

Here are some medicinal plastic bottles in different aspects: Yi: High-shrinkage reinforced plastic contraction of small plastics than general pressure, which is mainly composed of heat shrinkage and chemical structures. Yi Yi's factors affecting the species of shrinking plastics. Compared to ordinary epoxyphenol resins, epoxy phenolic resins, unsaturated polyesters, etc., a small contraction unsaturated polyester material, such as contraction plastic parts, large thick walls, such as plastic and The glass fiber filling contains a small volume shrinkage, and the volatile difference is also very suitable for large contraction, forming pressure, volume shrinkage, compromise, lacking large curing shrinkage peeling.

It will affect the use of medicinal plastic bottles. In order to reduce and prevent contraction, it is an important factor in atrophy. It affects the actual use effect. Second: Liquid resin in which liquid strong medicine is more likely to enhance the liquid resin of plastic materials, which is prone to excessive accumulation and glass from excessive accumulation and glass. The formation pressure and temperature will increase significantly, the fluidity is affected by many factors, and the liquidity of certain materials must be evaluated, and it is necessary to analyze the factors affecting liquidity.

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