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In recent years, the development of pharmaceutical plastic bottles in my country has been rapid in terms of quantity and scale manufacturing, but it is still behind others, and there is almost no innovation in original and patents. consciousness. Medicinal plastic bottle by introducing domestic ZUI advanced injection molding machine and injection molding machine and automatic blistering machine, automatic suppository shell machine, etc. . I have won the national food and drug supervision and management bureau industrial drug packaging materials and container registration, which can produce high-precision multiple models, pharmaceutical plastic bottles and solid plastic bottles, liquid plastic bottles, health care bottles and various types. Polyester liquid bottle, eye drops, etc.

The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is in a certain advantage and the advantages of process production. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is mainly a plastic product for holding health care products to ensure normal transportation and use of health products. Medicinal plastic bottles in the production of health care products and even account for a certain important advantage, packaging health products, the main material is resin, its nature is odorless, odorless, non-toxic, surface no luster, milky wax The particles, the density is approximately no cubic centimeter, and the melting point is 130 degrees Celsius to one hundred and forty-five degrees.

The performance of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is now higher and higher, and the plastic bottle must meet the relevant national standards for health. There is a certain threat. But when choosing a plastic bottle, you must consider its durability, more comprehensive understanding of their texture or even raw materials. Because of the special performance of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, each country has the regulations of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle have its own relevant policies, and must be targeted according to the pharmaceutical plastic bottle produced according to the corresponding national production. .

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