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Article Guide: One day, time management experts are a group of business school students. He did a demonstration on the spot, leaving the students a hard-working impression. Standing in front of those with high-quality high education, he said: "Let's have a small experiment", take out a gallon of gallop bottle on the table in front of him.

Subsequently, he took out a bunch of fist size, carefully put it into a glass bottle. Until the stone is higher than the bottle mouth, I can't let it go, he asked: "Is the bottle full?" All students should have: "full". Time management experts ask: "Really?" He took out a barrel of gravel from the table, fell some into it, the ice knocked the glass bottle wall is the gap of the gravel filled with the stone.

"Is it full of bottles?" He asked for the second time. But this time student understands, "may not have", a student should have. "Very good" expert said.

He was deeply taken out of the table, and he started slowly poured into the glass bottle. The sand filled with all gaps in stone gold and gravel. He asked students again: "Is the bottle full?" "Not full!" The students said loudly.

He once again said: "Very good". Then he took a pot of water into the glass bottle until the water surface and the bottle. Looking up at the student, ask: "What is this example?" An anxious student raised his hand: "It tells us: No matter how compact your timetable, if you do hard, you can do a lot!".

"No!", Time management experts say: "That is not true, this example tells us: If you are not to zoom in, then you can't put it into the bottle. So, what is your life The big stone, with the person you love, your beliefs, education, dreams, or as with me, education guides other people? "Remember to deal with these" big stone ", for a lifetime, you are all Can't do it. Guangdong blow molding plant, find beautiful fruit plastic, beautiful fruit plastic 14 years focus on blow molding toys, custom production of blow molding containers, please pay attention to beauty fruit blow molding bottle manufacturers, fast channel, you can contact phone WeChat 13922288294 , 0752-3737979 or consult online customers, the company is dedicated to serve you.

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