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Beautiful fruit plastic tells you how to choose a newer? In general, the master engaged in PET plastic bottles for many years has the ability to judge and choose the appropriate injection molding machine to produce. However, in some cases, customers may need to assist in the manufacturer to determine which specification injection molding machine, even customers may only have the sample or conception of the product, then ask if the manufacturer's machine can produce, or which type comparison Suitable for. Important factors typically affecting the choice of the shooting include molds, products, plastics, molding requirements, etc., Sworm: The model and the series are determined by the products and plastics.

2. Place: Determine the "Map", "Mode Well", "Mold Minimum Size", "Mold Size" in the Mold Size, to confirm whether the mold is placed under. 3, get out: Determine "Opening Turners" and "Totto Trip" by the mold and finished products are sufficient to take out the finished product. 4, lock: The "phase-locked force" tonnage is determined by the product and plastic.

When the raw material is inserted into the cave in the eye, the force of a strut is generated, so the locking unit of the injection molding machine must provide sufficient "locking force" to make the mold unnecessarially. 5, shot is saturated: determine the weight of the product and the number of the aperture and select the appropriate "screw diameter". ◆ Calculating the weight of the finished product (one number of points); 6, taken well: determine the "screw compression ratio" and "injection pressure" by plastic.

7, fast: and "injection speed" confirmation.

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