How many plastic bottles have toxins? How many plastic bottles have toxins? What is the most often seen?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Best Answers: Plastic No. 7 bottle may release carcinogen parents to be careful, the Environmental Protection Group Housewife Alliance has recently warned the use of the plastic bottle used by the baby contains the PC material, and the harmful substance "bisphenol A" may be released during use. The most serious may cause cancer (news, websites), infertility, and even boys will cause gender in growth. Children's milk must have a hot blisters, be careful, and the Housewife Alliance Warning. If you use a plastic bottle, careful overheating water may release hazardous substances "bisphenol A", which can cause cancer. Huang Shude, vice-director of the Housewife Alliance: "Tone temperature" is released (toxin), we are worried about there .. Whether it is drinking juice, it is the most, because it is oil-soluble, male meeting There is a tendency of women, and even the function of her sperm will be affected, so everyone will introduce will not infertate, or say that men can affect gender development in the development process.

PC plastic material is classified in the EPD, "Seventh Category", like this triangle logo, paintings a 7 digit, the medical community also recommends that you should buy a bottle to buy glass products. Zhang Baomei, Tai'an Hospital, Taiwan Hospital: "(Plastic bottle) has chemical composition, which will release some toxic substances that are relatively good for the body." Not just a plastic bottle, including outdoor sports water bottles or plastic materials in plastic materials Seven, as long as it is possible to place food or encounter hot water, this toxin is possible, and the Department of Health is under the risk of these documents.

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