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Tang Mountain Which transparent food plastic bottle manufacturer's portfolio is full? MGG has always pursued quality is the tenet of enterprise lifeline, adheres to strict quality control, let you buy food plastic packaging bottle, PET food plastic bottle, transparent food plastic bottle, food plastic bottle Products. Purchasing Tel: + 86-15916785363 Following more and more people to strengthen environmental and national environmental protection, green environmental protection, which is conducive to degrading plastic containers will become a growth trend. It is developed a biodegradable plastic bottle, and a plastic container product that is a biodegradable plastic bottle is developed. It is often a function of biodegradable plastic bottles, green. National policy of environmentally friendly packaging materials industry. The speculation of plastic containers, the proportion of nanomaterials, increases the physical and chemical function of the plastic bottle, and it is made of protection, anti-chemical corrosion, and anti-UV function. With the progress, such as the resistance of the plastic bottle is also strengthened. It can reduce the necessary cost, and the goods are very growing.

The construction of plastic bottles, Guizhen: "No. 1" is Pete Plastic Bottle: Mainly used in mineral water bottles, carbonated plastic bottles, operating temperatures at 70 degrees Celsius, too high temperature liquid, can result in deformation. Plastic bottles Operation drug packaging: The gas jections facilitate the heating the billet to blow to high pressure gases, so that the steel blank fire expansion materials and molds are obtained to obtain the products we need. Plastic bottle market operation after trading data in the past time has made a summary and plastic bottle in the future market prospects, but the growth of China's growth is facing a lot of challenges.

Advocate less raw materials, plastic bottles of green packaging materials, and materials that can be used as well-made materials, which can coexist can coexist, as much as possible, easy to recover materials. At the same time, try to reduce the discharge of waste, thus making the trend of the packaging movie lightweight level. Plastic bottles are rich in bismuth, this heavy metal, but from unhealthy smell it from Zui's initial speculation, where the water in the bottom plastic bottle is safe.

Producing all kinds of bottled water, departmental quality sample check for 3 months or more, quality monitoring, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and antimony, is the main point of monitoring heavy metals during the national quality supervision. The national Quality Supervision Bureau ZUI Near Post rate is 80% more than bottled water, and the reason why the pain in the plastic packaging is more relaxed air into or microbial super boss, from unhealth to hear heavy metal breakup. The bottle water industry is now the world's ZUI fast industry growth, a year of 1.2 billion pounds (about 17.4 billion yuan).

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