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Nostalgic or volatile ingredients of health medicines, such as pinholes or cracks on packaging materials, gaps on the packaging cap will overflow or leaked these ingredients, so we must pay attention to packaging when carrying oral liquid bottles. The structure of the bottle is designed to select a small permeability material. IV. Oral liquid bottle of anti-penetration effect: steam can directly enter the container through the health care product, in order to prevent the penetration of the oral liquid bottle, we should choose a material that is small when choosing materials. Package one by one. The above is about the package introduction of MGG for oral liquid bottles, I hope everyone can help, if you don't understand, you are welcome to come to consult.

The current food packaging is generally used for composite antibacterial agents, organic antibacterial agents, a compound antibacterial agent, a compound antibacterial agent, is widely used in the Japanese market, and their antibacterial Compared with the previous growth of three times, my country's Haier Chemical Engineering Plastics Research Center has developed an antibacterial agent that combines organic antibiotics and inorganic antibacterial agents to solve the problem of single antibacterial function. Principles of Oral Liquid Bottles: The organic antibacterial agent is gradually entered into the cells after the surface anion of the microbial cells, or the sulfhydryl group in the cell surface, thereby disrupting the cell membrane and the protein system, and reaches the purpose of suppressing microbial breeding. The oral liquid bottle also adopts a photocatalytic inorganic antibacterial film, the principle of antibacterial properties: the current photocatalytic antibacterial principle is mainly, TiO2 produces a large amount of oxygen free radical and *-based free radical under the surface of the oral liquid bottle under the action of photosynthesis. Their chemical activity is very strong, can be organically decomposed to be a variety of microorganisms, to achieve the purpose of antibacterial, in 1995, the photocatalyst is first applied to the food pack.

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