Why is the round-shaped food plastic bottle that is in line with the public?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

As shown in the figure, from the look, this is a set of food packaging plastic bottles, accurately, round transparent food packaging plastic bottle, or plastic can, material is used in food grade PET material, craft It is a plastic bottle that is blow molded and blown by a bottle embryo. Such a plastic bottle is not completely unreasonable, because such a plastic bottle is simple, so there will be some advantages in the price, and such a shape is in line with consumers' needs. It is important. Such plastic bottles are wide range, can be packaged, candy, snacks, biscuits, nuts, dried fruits, etc., and it also possesses some advantages in secondary use, using this plastic bottle, can also be used to install some flower flowers Potted plants of grass. Such a jar can be matched with a priced cover or a swirling.

However, in the current market, although this jar is very popular, the competition is also relatively large, so we must survive, but also need creative to make some adjustments to the appearance of the plastic bottle can, such as square, bamboo Justic shape, heart shape, shaped, etc., so as long as it can achieve the corresponding compensation, and competition will be relatively small. So, in today's market, more is not lack of products, but lack of ideas, make people actually needed, and make the differentiation of the product, then the corresponding competitive space is small, the market is also placed, do it It will be much faster.

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