Why is plastic bottles to use cancer?


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Plastics is an important organic synthetic polymer material, which is very extensive. But "white pollution" brought by abandoned plastics is getting more serious. If we understand the classification of plastics, we can not only help us scientifically use plastic products, It is conducive to the classification of plastics and effectively controls and reduces "white pollution". [PET polyethylene terephthalate] "No. 1" PET is often used in: mineral water bottle, carbonated bottle, etc. : It can only heat to 70 ° C, easy to deformed. It is only suitable for holding warm drinks or frozen drinks, high temperature liquid, or heating is easy to deform, and releases the harmful substance to the human body. Scientists also found that No. 1 plastic is used. After 10 months, it may release carcinogens DEHP, which is toxic to the testicles. Note: Beverage bottle is cycled to use hot water. Can not be placed in the car to dry the sun; do not drink alcohol, oil and other substances. Therefore, the beverage bottle is used. Just lose it, don't use it to be used as a cup, or used to make storage containers to make other items, so as not to cause health problems. [HDPE high-density polyethylene] "No. 2" HDPE is often used in: cleaning supplies, bath products Packaging. Use: can be reused after cleaning, but these containers are often not cleaned, and the original cleaning supplies are residual, becomes a hotbed of bacteria, you better don't loop it. Don't use it as a cup, or It is used to make storage containers to install other items. Note: It is difficult to completely clean, it is recommended not to recycle [PVC PVC] "No. 3" PVC is commonly used in: common raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic box, etc. At present, it is currently used in food packaging. Use: This material is excellent, cheaper, so it is very common. It can only heat 81 ° C, and it is easy to generate harmful substances when high temperatures, even in the process of manufacturing, there is a drug. If you enter the human body, you may cause diseases such as breast cancer, newborns, and the container of this material has been Compared to packaging food. If you use it, don't let it heat. It is difficult to clean if you want, don't recycle. If you apply a drink, don't buy it. Note: Not available for food packaging [LDPE low-density polyethylene] " "LDPE is often used in: plastic film, plastic film, etc.): Use: high heat resistance, usually, qualified PE plastic wrap will have hot melt phenomenon during the temperature exceeding 110 ° C, will leave some human body unrecognized plastic preparations The fat in the food is also very easy to dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic film. Therefore, the food is placed in the microwave, first remove the wrapped film wrapped in the package. In the high temperature, harmful substances, there is a poison to enter the human body, may Causes diseases such as breast cancer, newborns, and other diseases. Note: Heating with microwave ovens, don't wrap food with fresh film. [PP polypropylene] "No. 5" PP is often used in: microwave oven box. Frequent soy milk bottle, fine soybean milk bottle, cheese milk bottle Juice beverage bottle, microwave stove box. Melting point is 167 ° C, the only plastic box that can be safely placed in the microwave, can be reused after cleaning. Need attention, some microwave oven boxes, boxes are manufactured 5 PP, but box The cover is manufactured in PE, since PE cannot be retrovant to high temperature, so it cannot be placed in a microwave with the casing. Note: When putting the microwave, remove the cover. [PS Polystyrene] "No. 6" PS is commonly used In: Bowl Bubble Box, Fast food box. Use: heat resistant and cold, but cannot be put into microwave, so as not to release chemicals due to excessive temperature. And can not be used to paste strong acid (such as orange juice) , Strong alkaline substances, because it will decompose polystyrene to human body, it is easy to cause cancer. Therefore, you must try to avoid packaging hot food with fast food boxes. Note: Do not use microwave boiled bowl of instant noodles. [PC Other class 】 "No. 7" PC Other class commonly used in: kettle, water cup, bottle. Department stores often use such a water cup as a gift. It is easy to release toxic substance bisphenol A, which is harmful to the human body. Do not heat it, don't heat it, don't be in the sun Down straight. [Note] The most about toxic is 3, 6 and 7. If these three numbers appear on the bottom of the beverage bottle, don't drink these drinks ..

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