Why can't the plastic bottle use?


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Why can't the plastic bottle use?   It is often seen that people like to use the use of beverage bottles, mineral water-containing tea, and consumers also vibrate the words, think that this is "environmentally friendly", "saving". However, in recentately, Dong Jinshi, vice president of China Plastic Association Plastics Renewable Utilization, reminded when accepting reporters, should not use plastic bottles repeatedly, otherwise high temperature water, acidic solutions easily dissolve internal harmful substances, human intake is unfavorable. "Re-use" Safe Hidden dangers, there is an article on "mineral water bottle cycle use carcinogenic" in various major forums, health columns, etc., said, "Dubai 12-year-old girl, because of 16 consecutive months Using the same mineral water bottle, finally obtained cancer.

The article also claims that the general mineral water bottle is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, "the bottle is safe, if it is reused, there is a risk of cancer." In daily life, the reporter found Beverage bottles, mineral water bottles are very common. Many consumers often like to keep their own drink bottles and mineral water bottles. When they go out, they will fill them with tea or drink water to go out, and the emperor is called "environmental protection" and "savings".

However, whether such "environmental protection" is safe? Yesterday, Dong Jinshi, vice president of China Plastic Association Plastics Renewable Utilization Professional Committee, said in an interview with reporters, qualified beverage bottles, mineral water bottles require food-grade plastic, ie PET bottle. These food-grade PET bottles do not resist high temperature, need to be used at low temperatures, usually used in 70 degrees Celsius. In addition, these plastic bottles are used for one-time, and the state has no recycling and repeated filling.

"For consumers, it is not appropriate to use a mineral water bottle or beverage bottle. In the water; at the same time, the acidic liquid is also easy to dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic. If the water or the alkalinity of the consumer is unstable, the harmful substance may be taken out. In addition, the hygiene indicators can not be reached using a mineral water bottle or beverage bottle. When the enterprise is filling the bottle, it is a procedure for strict disinfection, cleaning, sterilization, and the consumer has repeatedly used the jar, and the bacteria may have repeatedly breed in the bottle, human intake. Multi-bacterial is not hygienic, safe.

Jiang Zhuoqin, a professor, director of the Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University, also pointed out that plastic bottles add plasticizers in the production process, and the chemical composition has a poisonous effect on the human body. For long-term plastic bottles, water, oil, wine and other substances, It is easy to dissolve the internal hazardous substances, thereby bringing into the human body. He suggested that it is relatively safe to use a bottle of glass, stainless steel.

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