Why is PET plastic bottle in the production process?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

We often have bubbles in the production of PET plastic bottles. What is this reason? Let us analyze from several aspects. First, the process factors: 1, the speed is too fast, and the molten plastic is decomposed by large shear effects, producing gas. 2, the product is localized, the contraction is uneven, especially when the product has a large wall thickness, its surface cooling speed is faster than the central portion, during the cooling process, the plastic of the central site reduces the outer surface to the outer surface, so that the central part fill Insufficient, forming truth.

3, the pressure and pressure pressure, so that the melt and the surface of the cavity are not close, which is not conducive to the discharge of the air. 4, insufficient back pressure, the back pressure controls the speed of the screw, when the back pressure is small, the speed of the screw will be fast, and it is easy to generate insufficient feed. The air brought into the material is more, and it is not easy to discharge from the feed. Produce a large amount of bubbles. Second, material factors 1. The feedstock has moisture.

2. Mold factors 3. Mold, maintenance, mold or increase the exhaust tank. Therefore, in the production process, you must pay attention to these aspects to make a perfect bottle.

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