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    Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    The gauge bottle is divided into materials in the material, and the glass jar. The plastic optical port is mainly used in daily life, and the glass wide mouth bottle is used in the laboratory and chemical products. The glass bottle is divided into brown and transparent, and the brown wide mouth bottle is used to face the substance of light, and the transparent grooming bottle is conducive to the physical properties of internal items.

    Because of its mouth, there is no grinding of the grinding opening. Spiral mouth is better than that in the transportation process, it will not be leakage. Scropping and no eruptions are mainly related to laboratory and chemical enterprises.

    In the laboratory, the vial is mainly used to hold solid reagents. Liquid reagents that are not allowed to volatilize and oxidize. Side of the grinding glass bottle, with glass mat matching.

    Therefore, the glass plug's wide mouth bottle cannot be placed alkaline reagents, and if alkaline reagents are placed, the rubber plug should be changed. Because the alkaline hydroxide ion reacts in the glass in the glass, the product is the mouth and the plug. In the purchase of the wide mouth bottle, it is necessary to buy it according to your own needs.

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