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Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

When the spinning cover of the wide mouth, the high-temperature sterilization is often especially stricter, and the tip of the bottle is extremely strict, and there is an extremely stringent requirement for the mouth of the cap. Many of the tinplates used in the cover of the wide mouth bottle are used in imported tip. The wide mouth bottle is in full installed food, which can be tightened immediately when it is rotated, and the bottle is tight, not leakage, and is welcomed by many food manufacturers.

The inside of the cover, such as fruit cans, such as fruit, need to dress up the glass, which need to be high-temperature phosphors, and the bottle drip will be combined with the bottle of the bottle under high pressure. This is compared to a low temperature gum. The cover price is slightly more expensive. The spinning bottle mouth produced by the general glass bottle factory is in line with national standards, and the bottle cap will also be based on standard supporting bottle covers, but it will also have problems such as unregistered, with uncomfortable combination. Many manufacturers have done it. After the glass bottle, according to the glass bottle mouth, it will reduce a lot of unnecessary losses.

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